Gender-Based Cyber Violence: A Challenge to Gender Equality in Indonesia


  • Hesti Armiwulan


The cyber dimension of gender-based violence is evolving worldwide and obstructing a few affirmative action’s being taken to bring gender equality. Indonesia has recently seen a continuum of gender-based cyber violence offline which includes online hate speech, trolling, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, sharing content without consent, hacking, identity theft, cyberbullying, and image-based sexual abuse. Such gender-based cyber violence is the most severe form of gender-based discrimination as now it employs technology to inflict harassment and prejudice. Such activities disproportionately against women based on their gender are detrimental to establish gender equality in society State governments have policies to address gender-based violence and maintain gender equality, but they are not applicable to gender-based cyber violence. Even the developed nations like the United States have failed to address online gender-based violence on a legislative level despite pressure from media and women activists. There is a need to frame concrete policies that denounce and decrease the pervasiveness of online gender-based violence. This study investigated the extent to which gender-based cyber violence has corrupted the Indonesian society and weakening the efforts to bring gender-based equality