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Virtual Forum Against Cybercrime (VFAC), KIC & UNODC


The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace



Crimes of the Internet

Editors: Frank Schmalleger and Michael Pittaro


Cyber Crime

Author: David S. Wall

Publisher: Polity Press







International Journal of Cyber Criminology


IJCC - January - June 2017


Volume: 11 Issue: 1





Commemorating a Decade in Existence of the International Journal of Cyber Criminology: A Research Agenda to Advance the Scholarship on Cyber Crime

Fawn T. Ngo and K. Jaishankar       

Predictive Roles of Depression and Demographic Factors in Internet Addiction: A Cross-Sectional Study of Students in a Nigerian University   
Mfon E. Ineme, Kubiat M. Ineme and Gloria A. Akpabio10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=



Patterns of Cyber Harassment and Perpetration among College Students in the United States: A Test of Routine Activities Theory
S. Elizabeth Wick, Craig Nagoshi, Randy Basham, Catheleen Jordan, Youn Kyoung Kim, Anh Phuong Nguyen and Peter Lehmanne


Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: Exploring Online Harassment Victimization by Generational Age
Logan Hans Stickel10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=

System Trespasser Behavior after Exposure to Warning Messages at a Chinese Computer Network: An Examination
Christian J. Howell, David Maimon, John K. Cochran, Hattie M. Jones and Ráchael A. Powers
10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=

Hackers' Motivations: Testing Schwartz's Theory of Motivational Types of Values in a Sample of Hackers
Renushka Madarie
10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=

Webcam Child Prostitution: An Exploration of Current and Futuristic Methods of Detection
Kemal Veli Açar
10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=

Mobile Phone Technology and Online Sexual Harassment among Juveniles in South Korea: Effects of Self-control and Social Learning
Kyung-Shick Choi, Seong-Sik Lee, and Jin Ree lee

10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=

Revenge Porn Victimization of College Students in the United States:

An Exploratory Analysis
Kathryn Branch, Carly M. Hilinski-Rosick, Emily Johnson and Gabriela Solano
10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=

Dynamics of Cyber Hate in Social Media: A Comparative Analysis of Anti-Muslim Movements in the Czech Republic and Germany
Jan Hanzelka and Ina Schmidt
10.5281/zenodo.56201 align=


International Journal of Cyber Criminology


IJCC - July - December 2016


Volume: 10 Issue: 2  




IJCC - January - June 2016


Volume: 10 Issue: 1  




IJCC - July - December 2015


Volume: 9 Issue: 2  




IJCC - January - June 2015

 Volume: 9 Issue: 1  




IJCC - June - December 2014

 Volume: 8 Issue: 2  



Sexting Behaviors among Adolescents in Rural North Carolina: A Theoretical Examination of Low Self-Control and Deviant Peer Association

Catherine D. Marcum, George E. Higgins and Melissa L. Ricketts      

Technological Skills of White Supremacists in an Online Forum: A Qualitative Examination
Thomas J. Holt and Micah-Sage Bolden  

Cyber-Aggression among Portuguese Adolescents: A Study on Perpetration, Victim Offender Overlap and Parental Supervision
Fábio Novo, Filipa Pereira and Marlene Matos

The Greening of Canadian Cyber Laws: What Environmental Law can Teach and Cyber Law can learn
Sara M. Smyth   

Australian Internet Users and Guardianship against Cyber Abuse: An Empirical Analysis

Zarina I. Vakhitova and Danielle M. Reynald   

Book Review

Hate Crimes in Cyberspace - Danielle Keats Citron
Debarati Halder


International Journal of Cyber Criminology


IJCC - January - June 2014

 Volume: 8 Issue: 1  




International Journal of Cyber Criminology


IJCC - July - December 2013

 Volume: 7 Issue: 2  



Adults’ Sexual Interest in Children and Adolescents Online: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Emilia Bergen, Jan Antfolk, Patrick Jern, Katarina Alanko and Pekka Santtila

Frames of Fraud: A Qualitative Analysis of the Structure and Process of Victimization on the Internet

Anna Burgard and Christopher Schlembach 

Crime Specific Neutralizations: An Empirical Examination of Four Types of Digital Piracy
Joshua L. Smallridge and Jennifer R. Roberts

Individual Differences of Internet Child Pornography Users: Peculiar Findings in a Community-Based Study

Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar   

Cyber Stalking and Cyber Harassment Legislation in the United States: A Qualitative Analysis
Steven D. Hazelwood and Sarah Koon-Magnin 

Book Review

Policing Cyber Hate, Cyber Threats and Cyber Terrorism - Imran Awan and Brian Blakemore
Debarati Halder


International Journal of Cyber Criminology


IJCC - January - June 2013

 Volume: 7 Issue: 1  



High Volume Cyber Crime and the Organization of the Police: The results of two empirical studies in the Netherlands

Rutger Leukfeldt, Sander Veenstra & Wouter Stol 

Cyber Crime in Singapore: An Analysis of Regulation based on Lessig’s four Modalities of Constraint

Hee Jhee Jiow

The effect of de-individuation of the Internet Troller on Criminal Procedure implementation: An interview with a Hater
Jonathan Bishop 

Cyber Attacks and Defense Strategies in India: An Empirical Assessment of Banking Sector

Atul Bamrara, Gajendra Singh & Mamta Bhatt   

Infringing Nations: Predicting Software Piracy Rates, BitTorrent Tracker Hosting, and P2P File Sharing Client Downloads Between Countries
Alex C. Kigerl

Cyber Crimes in Jordan: A Legal Assessment on the Effectiveness of Information System Crimes Law No (30) of 2010

Raed S. A. Faqir  

Book Review

WikiLeaks: News in the Networked Era - Charlie Beckett with James Ball
Johanna C. Granville

International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC - July - December 2012

 Volume: 6 Issue: 2  




International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC - January - June 2012

 Volume: 6 Issue: 1  





International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC - July - December 2011 

 Volume: 5 Issue: 2  





International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC - January - June 2011 

 Volume: 5 Issue: 1  




International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC (January - June 2010  July - December 2010)

 Volume: 4 Issue: 1 & 2 (Combined Issue)




The Future of Cyber Criminology: Challenges and Opportunities

K. Jaishankar 


Online child sexual abuse by female offenders: An Exploratory study

 Elena Martellozzo, Daniel Nehring, and Helen Taylor 

Gambling in Penny Stocks: The Case of Stock Spam E-mails  

Bill Hu, Thomas McInish, and Li Zeng

Advance Fee Fraud Letters as Machiavellian/Narcissistic Narratives
Michel Dion

The Risk Propensity and Rationality of Computer Hackers  

Michael Bachmann

Pirating Youth: Examining the Correlates of Digital Music Piracy among Adolescents
Whitney D. Gunter, George E. Higgins, and Roberta E. Gealt

Cyber bullying in Chinese Web Forums: An examination of nature and extent
Chang Su and Thomas J. Holt

Parental Regulation and Online Activities: Examining factors that influence a Youth’s potential to become a Victim of Online Harassment  
Robert Moore, Naga Tarun Guntupalli, and Tina Lee

The Council of Europe’s Cyber Crime Treaty: An exercise in Symbolic Legislation
Nancy E. Marion 

Book Review

Cybercrime: An Introduction to an Emerging Phenomenon - George Higgins

Calli Price

International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC July - December 2009 

Volume: 3 Issue: 2




International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC January - June 2009 

Volume: 3 Issue: 1 




Sexting: A new form of Victimless Crime?  

K. Jaishankar   



International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC July - December 2008 

Volume: 2 Issue: 2



Cyber Hate: Antisocial networking in the Internet

K. Jaishankar   



International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC January - June 2008

 Volume: 2 Issue: 1


Identity related Crime in the Cyberspace: Examining Phishing and its impact 

K. Jaishankar    10.5281/zenodo.18800



Bangkok International Summit (2007) Declaration on Policing Cyberspace  

K. Jaishankar, Bessie Pang, and Stuart Hyde  

Jurisdictional and definitional concerns with computer-mediated interpersonal crimes: An Analysis on Cyber Stalking


Lynne Roberts

Self-Reported Online Child Pornography Behavior: A Psychological Analysis
Kathryn C. Seigfried, Richard W. Lovely, and Marcus K. Rogers

Understanding Sexually Deviant Online Behavior from an Addiction Perspective   
Kimberly Young

Computer Crime Victimization and Integrated Theory: An Empirical Assessment

Kyung-shick Choi

A Systematic Examination of Terrorist Use of the Internet
Tina Freiburger and Jeffrey S. Crane

Book Reviews

Crime Online -Yvonne Jewkes

Travis Morris

Crimes of the Internet - Frank Schmalleger, & Michael Pittaro

Stephen M. Marson


International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC July - December 2007 

Volume: 1 Issue: 2  


Establishing a theory of cyber crimes  

K. Jaishankar    10.5281/zenodo.18792



International Journal of Cyber Criminology

IJCC January - June 2007 

Volume: 1 Number: 1  


Cyber Criminology: Evolving a Novel Discipline with a New Journal  

K. Jaishankar




Computer Crime Investigations in the United States:
Leveraging Knowledge from the Past to Address the Future


Sameer Hinduja



Digital Piracy, Self-Control Theory, and Rational Choice: An Examination of the Role of Value

George E. Higgins



Cyber bullying: Clarifying Legal Boundaries for School Supervision in Cyberspace  
Shaheen Shariff and Dianne L. Hoff


Offshore Internet Gambling and the World Trade Organization: Is it Criminal Behavior or a Commodity? 

Henry N. Pontell, Gilbert Geis and Gregory C. Brown10.5281/zenodo.18279


A Qualitative Analysis of Advance Fee Fraud E-mail Schemes
Thomas J. Holt and Danielle C. Graves



Book Reviews

Sexual Predators: How to Recognize Them on the Internet and on the Street - How to Keep Your Kids Away - Stephen Dean 

Catherine D. Marcum

10.5281/zenodo.18283 align=

Net crimes & misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering webspammers, stalkers and con artists- J..A. Hitchcock
Mari B. Pierce

10.5281/zenodo.18284 align=




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